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Rigamajig is my modular rigging system used across numerous short films at SCAD. Rigamajig's modular structure allows it to match any character, regardless of body type, symmetry or even creature type. All data is saved to external files allowing for a simple data centric approach to rigging. 


  • Super flexible modules 

  • Modules connect to anything

  • All vanilla Maya, no plugins

  • Dynamic attribute sharing 

  • Advanced space switch controls 

  • Facial rig

  • Intuitive guides 

  • Dynamic Pivot COG

  • Auto wrist 

  • IK/FK Matching

  • Stretchy Limbs and Spine 

  • All controls have secondaries

  • Export Control Ui

  • Save Skin-weighting  

  • Knee/Elbow pinning 


How it works 

Rigamajig is a modular rigging system that allows users to create rigs with any configuration of modules. after defining a rig setup It then provides riggers with placement guides to build the rig from, allowing users to get down to what matters, finding the character through the  deformations. Rigamajig builds a rig in seconds, creating all the setups, connections and features just as you specify. After the rig is built it finalize the character by adding skinning, deformers and modify controls. All changes saved to external files providing a full data-centric workflow.

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